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I felt like drawing 3 ocs of mine for this :iconmingplz: So that meant I have a lot of the goretober slots not used yet

22. Animal/beast wounds Rosellaz[OC] [BC] Ibykos by Rosellaz
23. Nosebleed/Bruises/Minor Injury Rosellaz[OC] [DT] Shayne Michaelis by Rosellaz
24. Post-Mortem examination
25. Skeletal/Bones showing jhjjhg1{R-V} Nina Cromwell by jhjjhg1
26. Crushed
27. Possession/Corruption Rosellaz[OC] Alpha by Rosellaz
28. Sickness FroLux Galaeron by FroLux
29. Distorted Body/Broken Bone GamingHunter Maljack and Tirani by GamingHunter
30. Stitching BelovedAva[APD] Lyth Styver by BelovedAva

If anyone would let me destroy doodle your chara for one of these slots please comment below with ref and number! You're not allowed to ask for anything specific, this isn't a commission.

These are half hearted drawings/doodles, do not expect much from them

EDIT:3 slots max

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Its been a long time since I’ve done this ‘cause these weren’t really important for anyone anyway but better to be safe than sorry.

So its that ol’ time again where I suddenly drop off the face of the earth for months, possibly to even a year. Even to moving to a new account, in which of course I announced in the old accounts. Is it going to happen? I won’t let it happen again of course but that would mean its going to be common for me to just stop talking halfway through our casual conversation. Even fun ones aww

To everyone else who's never heard of this before, it happens once in a looooooong while and its completely normal. What happens is that during those periods is when I need isolation and y'know, do nothing. Its probably due to emotional stress. Like I said before, not going to poof ever. Especially with all the responsibilities I hold now. 

The reason why I'm saying this now is that some of you guys talking to me know I literally just stop talking and never say brb at all. Coming back and saying 'sorry I afked' without a reason so it might have raised a question or two. Thats not something I normally do after all and I've been venting art more than usual lately.

This began pretty early, probably when :icona-patients-dream: just opened. I handled things pretty badly in there too but you know me, I'm p dumb in recognising the signs in myself. So from around that period until now it's been building up slowly; I really thought it'll never happen again, but this week I found out I've been a bit spiteful/hateful than usual.

Figured it out now and I just want to apologise to anyone and everyone who knew I was in the wrong but never told me or unsuccessfully showed me my bias vision or got the brunt of my bad mood. Thank you to those who fought to show me the problem and my parents for noticing I've been awfully unresponsive, I thank myself for noticing my weight has dropped to friggin 37.7kg wowww

All I ask is that if I suddenly just go poof in the convo, don't question about it. I'm fine when I return back, its a method I do to relax since meditation does jack shit to calm me AHA

Other than that, everyone have a good day!

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Ordan's dads by SEVMD
Ordan's dads
Edit: Changed their clothes to look a bit more traditional I guess

They look like a completely diff timeline from where Ordan is in now whoops. I realised that at some point Ordan was given a name, so it was probably them. They must have just named him when they met and he kept it since Ordan doesn't know who his family is and was never given one. Also, sorry for the wrong fashion. 

I had a discussion about my common walking catfish I used to own in Singapore and I missed them. So I made them as this, reason being they're asshole to the other fishes in the pond. They'd bully the other fishes and always eat all the food pellets whenever I hand hand feed them.

Hayden Common is the bleeding eye one and Harper Common is the Portugese Man O' War one. They're not siblings but I've never been able to tell the difference between those two catfish. I think its just overtime they adopted each others looks and stuff, replaced their whiskers with piercings AHA.

hey Ordan you have gay dads
Messenger by SEVMD
"Oarfish in Japanese folklore has been known to be the messengers of the Sea God's Palace. Bringing forth news of fortune or disaster. They are often washed ashore dead after an earthquake. As messengers come and go, so do what they bring."

My days have been rather uneventful despite being on a holiday. I'm stressed out by things I should not be and my visa for my future planning is being so annoying and complicated. Then I had a horrible artblock, I still think I am in one but I'm worming out of it slowly.

I quite like Ordan here, its been a while since I liked him in my drawings. I'm feeling so much better now.

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