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People's Republic of China

I've only started getting active around June 2014 and before that it was all sporadic updates of measly fanart, extremely long unannounced hiatus and spam Journals which I've cleared.

Chalendier by PermenantMarkersTriden by PermenantMarkersAA-Xing Mini Pixel by PermenantMarkersDV Mini Pixel by PermenantMarkersGilitch Mini Pixel by PermenantMarkersRyden Mini Pixel by PermenantMarkers
Little bouncing pixels are my ocs,click on them to find the artist!

Special mention,to the very first deviant whom we've had quite a dozen conversations,inspiration and help. :iconxkessx: I'm gonna miss you so damn much dude, and I hope you're doing well in real life! May the comic which you've shared with me come to life 'cause I'll sure as heck buy them when they're printed.

My inspiration:
:iconpetemohrbacher::iconourlak::iconelectrastanley::iconashleycope:Stamp 012 by sicknessinsideHomestuck Stamp by SinderishOFF Game Stamp by vomitcuntArmed With Wings stamp by 16thSquadSansekiJojo's Stamp - Jojo's Logo by MagntaaSkullgirls Stamp by jakewashereJourney Stamp by C-PuffMonument Valley by mdk7

Ppl i know in real life
This is gonna be forever open a and I'll accept everyone, it'll take a while before I reply back (inclusive of non watchers)
Comment below and I'll pick a character of yours that I like the most and I'll write what I like about them! (keep in mind that if I can't figure out where you keep them, I'll look for the most recent one you have. You can specify which character you'd like me to have a look at.)

You don't have to make one too, no tag back needed

I just want to comment and look at ppl's wonderful works!

:iconschizobot:Schizobot TOR: Digger and Harrison by Schizobot Digger, Digger,Digger. The first char I saw from your account and the biggest impression left even after the end of the round. There is an interesting and unique concept that surrounds her. She often looks like a wild and brash character but after seeing her fight in TOR I realized she pretty much has a blueprint in her brain. Planning as much as she can ahead and if she did not plan for something she seem to have the instinct to quickly avoid the worst, though I like to believe she has semi complete backup plans.

:iconstorm137:Storm137Attack on Union by Storm137 Lucas Kimishima bioName: Lucas Kimishima (Original name: Ryan Jameson)
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 3rd the day of his car accident (He claimed it as his own he doesn't remember his real birthday)
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Violet/purple
Skin tone: Pale (with various scars from surgeries he's had to injuries he's gotten from stunts to ones from his past)
Personality: Lucas is a wild card. He is trouble with a capital T being a prankster and calls himself an 'unprofessional stuntman', he's also curious sometimes too much for his own good, he can be irritated easily and overprotective of his sister and brother but he can also be loving and has his sweet moments.
History: Lucas was originally born Ryan Jameson and his parents were named Jaques and Marlene but it wasn't a happy life...Lucas was abused up until he turned twelve when his 'family' got evicted from their house and they were driving to find another place to stay. They weren't watching where they were going and crashed the car into another
 This caught my attention 'cause trauma team *breathes heavily*. I had totally forgotten about this fandom I was once in! What I really like the most about Lucas is him able to easily adapt and put away the past if necessary. He reminds me a lot like CR- S01 and Naomi's personality, he can hear the dead too omgg. I saw many different AUs of him and I think its pretty cool of the different scenarios he can be placed in, and I'm glad even though he had a difficult past he is happy now!

:iconscythevale:ScytheVale Your Inner Nightmare by ScytheVale Cain, definitely him along with Viper. They were the first 2 we rped together with and it was fun! Atra got bullied by Cain often but it was certainly amusing to watch. Both of them are complex characters that takes a while to get a good understanding of and while they're so powerful to the point of being godly they still have mortal traits. As much as I want to do a comic battle, octs are not the best place to do it, maybe leagues lol.


:iconlilliamohame:LilliaMohameGirl With Blue Hair by LilliaMohame The pink eyes actually drew my attention out of all the others, I couldn't really find any oc with a proper bio so I went with the most striking one. I must say that your style is extremely pretty! Overall she looks like a nice,soft and sweet character. If shes not a licensed character you should totally give her a bio, 'cause I can imagine her being a strong fighter at the same time even though she has a graceful gentle form. You gotta give her a name tooooooo!

:iconcrazyshiro:crazyshiroAngels Ascended OCT: Livy by crazyshiro Yah yah I wanna talk about this one! Livy can be creepy and him being suggestive to Xing in the OCT actually made me laugh really hard. Hes got the simple label of a vampire but Livy isn't those who run around blindly with his ability. He still takes the skill he used to own before his death and apply it to his undead shape now. Stubborn at times but I feel that thats understandable, he came from an age very far back and he doesn't want to change just to fit the modern century.

:iconflameofthedark:FlameoftheDarkMr. Gulodice Referance by FlameoftheDark More oct chars cause why not, I love octs! I really like the idea of his shadow manipulation and the quote,"If you see three pairs of eyes, head for the light." Gulodice isn't a character to mess with and I love the way you've drawn him! Especially the tie, yes the tie, where can I order one. Not only that, while he is a demon he is very knowledgable of the human realm. Being present since WW1 and still retaining so much mow information he could use and manipulate. Gulodice is certainly a dangerous and exciting character to fight against!

:iconmelcairorose:MelCairoRoseThe Messenger by MelCairoRose He is such a cute messenger!! Clumsy with his wings but I think thats adorable actually and it shows that he still has potential to grow. Messenger seems to be a character who defends more than attack which fit his overall design along with the sheild. To be able to travel to so many places, he would be must be very resistant and for a being who has a humble job of sending messages. The fact that a messenger is in an oct is certainly an interesting twist in the game, after all almost everyone in the octs were designed to fight in their whole life.

:iconenterprisi:enterprisi[CP] Spinner (God), Miu (Minion Spawner) by enterprisi My favourite design so far! A really lovely design as a god, the concept made for them is interesting and surreal. The surprising trait is their chatty personality, since many gods have been designed with the idea of them being haughty,benevolent or simply 'I do my damn job thats all'. They seem like an interesting character to chat with unless you're creeped out by their appearance but I feel they have a pretty good sense of humour. While the rp I had with them was short it didn't bore me thats for sure.

:iconmrchiken:MrChikenInky by MrChiken Another cutie!! I was trying to look for Engel but maybe I didn't look hard enough cause this cute little babbu was the first thing I was staring at. Inky looks like a really fun character, a chirpy kind and is constantly happy. I didn't find any bio on her but I think she is worth having her more fleshed out! I bet she can be those sniper kind but if she isn't up for that she'll be a good cute hacker who replace whatever she hacked with cute kitten and sweets.

:iconhelios485:helios485 Core Tennant Ref. Sheet (Now inaccurate) by helios485  Yeaaaa!!! Its Core! I remember him in TOR, the first time I rped he was in it too. I enjoyed the brief story we made up and I got to see him in action, changing different forms and whatnot. He is extremely strong even without his spirit forms which is interesting since he isn't the type to be easily angered, Core even has his own comic, I've not gotten to look at the gallery but I've already decided to check it out after this update lol.

:iconnoisyamoeba:noisyAmoeba Connor Crawford by noisyAmoeba  lmao I dug deeper into a character you've not talked to me about and I've decided on Connor. I'd say he's quite a personality like an angel. Connor seems really gentle and caring and very down to earth type of person. I've not seen those for quite some time now since a lot of characters now are all about machismo. Then again thats in OCTs lol. Overall I really like the yellow colour scheme, I'm really terrible with that colour so I admire this drawing a lot

:iconrosellaz:Rosellaz [OC] [DM] Yukimura, Kotori by Rosellaz Ahaaaa more cute ones like Nikhil! What striked me the most in this whole bio is that Kotori and Taji have an almost opposite personality of each other. However I find that they seem to balance each other very well, good enough to lob my head of in seconds too I bet. Out of the two I believe Kotori probably struggles with life most since she always has the 'cool' aura surrounding her. My most fav thing I notices was that while Taji is a doll she seem to have a wider range of choices and decisions in her life than Kotori, an interesting contrast in my perspective.


Vivianite - Steven Universe fancharacter by SEVMD
Vivianite - Steven Universe fancharacter
Dunno I just wanted something green in my gallery so I picked this instead of some blue gem.

Also I have this weird headcanon that if a gem survives a cut you don't see internal organs but crystals inside like a geode...Except I sliced Vivianite in half in the drawing.

I dun like the weaponnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn but meh

Collabs are open for this character, meaning...FUSIONS
(read descript)Rise n Fall
edit:fixed link
To navigate click the first one, Prologue-pg0 Next> on the top of the stash navigation to move to the next page

Click to read
Anyway I changed it to Rise and Fall instead of Neoplasm because I found some loopholes and fixed it but the concept has changed quite a bit so Neoplasm couldn't be the name.

I'm buffering the pages so I won't stress myself but for now have the prologue

I've got around 2 months to draw...carefully... My hand is fucked up after my exam
Drumming song by SEVMD
Drumming song
Aha florence + machine got me there

I love the song and I've given up on keeping my gallery clean, Im just gonna upload whatever the hell I want now
Fat Dragon/Fei Long of the Gnomon Family by SEVMD
Fat Dragon/Fei Long of the Gnomon Family
Not her usual clothes but I think its fine. The bio is still wip anyway. Her usual is p much everything is white other than her accessories but Im busy.

Name: Fat Dragon/Fei Long

Motto: Me want, me have.

Age: Unknown

Gender: Generally with female organs

Height: 155cm

Weight: 80kg

Species: Anachron

Personality: Main headquarter in Cy Dye City. Broken english, does not seem to try to fix her grammar. This can lead to misinterpretation and accidentally angering her, though she would not accept that excuse.FD absolutely despises humans but as long as she does not have to interact with them she will not attack them. Most of the people who under her leadership are Anachrons, apart from a few humans who are used for slave work. Surprisingly the humans are not poorly treated or humiliated under her rule, except they will be eaten if they rub her the wrong way. While FD is highly intelligent she is downright lazy, usually only giving simple instructions and letting the individual do the legwork themselves. Only if one manages to request for help (without angering her) will she use her mind.

History: She doesn't remember how long she has lived but she claims to have lived for 'cycles, many cycles'.She was there the day the barrier was ripped apart, during the period she flitted about curiously in the human world she grew hateful towards them. She hated the lies of purity that bleeds between their lips until she ran into a drug ring. Soon learning about the other side of the coin she began, quickly seizing power in the underground world. Handling humans were too difficult, they attacked her every second while ruling the criminal world. Before she had full control of the empire she ran into DV by accident, learning more about his story she, in the end, changed tactics, only taking her kind and leaving the humans to do the manual labour. She hated humans due to the race being young and she knew the young ones like children are capable of anything.

Cute and colourful things
Food(Eastern food mostly) and sweets
Downright cheap goods

Humans in general


Fat hardening
-hardened fat
-harder to cut through, will cut through skin though

Body shaping
-dislocate her bones and put fats between them
-this forces the skin to move to areas with more fat to stretch
-causes her to change shape

-Multi functional organs
-may store extra organs as backup
-organ has to be fresh to use
-with her body shaping ability she can choose which to show or not e.g breast

(Will be stated when I finalize her Anachron form)



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