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Chalendier by PermenantMarkersTriden by PermenantMarkersAA-Xing Mini Pixel by PermenantMarkers
Chalendier by SkullPhoxChibi Commission for SEVMD by SkullPhoxComission for SEVMD by SkullPhox
Xing by jadetyle


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People's Republic of China

Chalendier by PermenantMarkers
★Excessive use of stars for no reason★

Hello,I'm Sev and 2/3 of my deviant years is being on hiatus....I'm not joking

I've only started getting active around June 2014 and before that it was all sporadic updates of measly fanart, extremely long unannounced hiatus and spam Journals which I've cleared.(I'm personally glad I've decided to move on from fanart) Mostly the reason for such low updates is my poor hand so often I always never draw and if I do I keep them to a max 2 hrs long.
Triden by PermenantMarkers
Fire Alpaca for lineart and colour
Photoshop CS5.1 for texture and an unhealthy usage of colour dodge

I am heavily against using other people's utensils or stock unless it is for referencing. I prefer my art to be done by myself so I tend to make my own brushes. I do not do tutorials on anatomy because I don't use any guidelines (self-taught). Often I do put guidelines on the faces but I never follow them in the end.
AA-Xing Mini Pixel by PermenantMarkers
Little bouncing pixels are my ocs,click on them to find the commissioner!

My inspiration:
:iconxkessx::iconelectrastanley:Stamp 012 by sicknessinsideHomestuck Stamp by SinderishOFF Game Stamp by vomitcuntArmed With Wings stamp by 16thSquadSansekiJojo's Stamp - Jojo's Logo by MagntaaSkullgirls Stamp by jakewashereJourney Stamp by C-PuffMonument Valley by mdk7

Ppl i know in real life


The light faded and Xing found himself standing in a vast field. Its colour was changing ever so slowly.  Green, blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow…then back to green. Xing stood there for a long time watching the colours change, the tall grass swaying in the breeze and caressing his face.


Was it worth it? The death of Vohpe and Bonnie was... meaningless. Though they had nothing to do with it, I carelessly dragged them into my family conflict...


Xing sat down and looked down at his hands, noticing the 2D patch on his left arm had spread and merged with the one on his chest.


shff shff    shff shff


Slowly, Xing noticed a quiet sound, almost drowned out by the rumbling of the square levels overhead. It sounded as if someone was moving through the long grass behind him.


It must be my competitor...but I hardly care about fighting these battles anymore. My...other me told me that anything I did to bring my brother back would be futile, yet I still pursued my goal and look at how that ended – with the deaths of two innocents. Why should I continue, if in the end it will just result in more deaths? My spirit is already weighed down with sin, and it will only get heavier if I even succeed in reaching the final tier. Let's face it, I'll never be able to bring Zi back... 

 photo rd2g1_zps34133131.gif


<Xing…? Is that you?>


Hearing the familiar cadences and tones of Chinese that his ears had grown unused to caused Xing to whip his head around and see the figure of his brother standing behind him, instantly recognizable despite his unfamiliar clothing – a lilac hooded cape that brushed his ankles with an intricate design in golden thread along the hem, and a purple scarf wound with thin gold chains half-covering his face.


<Brother!> Xing said softly, reaching out to him... but his hand passed through his brother's chest as if it was nothing more than air.

Of course, he was dead. 

With a small, sad smile, Zi sat down beside Xing and the two brothers shared a companionable silence, looking out at the endless expanse of swaying grass. It was quiet, peaceful. Heavenly.


<So that's how you got through the gate... past your competitors,> Zi said after a while.


Xing shrugged noncommittally. <Yes,> he replied. His brother frowned, his face taking on an uncharacteristically worried look.


<You need to turn back, now, before your opponent gets here. My death was meant to be, so give up this dream of trying to bring me back. You are only causing more death... turn back now, and do not kill->

Zi broke off and turned, staring at the dark figure who had come out of the long grass behind them. <Oh no - he's here! Your opponent! Quickly, you must come with me – do not kill him, brother!> He reached out to grab Xing's hand, but phased through it. As the shadowy figure approached, Zi hesitated, then ran towards a column of light, looking beseechingly back at Xing to follow him.


“Ha, for a moment there I thought I'd have to fight two of you. Turns out that one of them was just a poor spirit, lucky me.” the opponent drawled, watching Zi disappear into the portal. Livy looked at Xing and murmured “Well, you’re a pretty one…” Xing drew his gun and his opponent laughed, raising his right hand. Xing pointed the gun at the man's wine-red trilby...


A gust of wind whipped through the field, sending Xing's hair swirling in front of his eyes. He sensed something flying towards him – he instinctively squeezed the trigger –


Xing saw his opponent stagger and fall as the knife he threw was absorbed into his hair. Lucky for me there was that wind – if it hadn't been blowing I would have died, and the grass would have been stained with my blood, patterned and black... Funny how I don't care to live any longer, but this life can't seem to give me up just yet...


Xing turned and ran into the portal. As the light enveloped him, he saw his opponent... standing up, despite a gunshot hole punched straight through the center of his hat? Before Xing could take a closer look, the image of his opponent dissolved and was replaced by...



 photo rd2g2_zps223e4510.jpg

Pillars of water were flowing endlessly up out of pitch-black holes in the ground. Guards flitted around the aquamarine torrents, their massive celtic wings reflected in the gleaming ground. The landscape as far as the eye could see was nothing but perfect rows of shiny, golden cobblestone, broken only by the occasional tower of water.


Skirting the guards carefully, Xing walked to the nearest pillar and reached out his hands to touch it. His right hand was flung out immediately due to the sheer force of the water, while his 2D left hand remained in the flow absorbing huge amounts of water into its dimension. Xing plucked out the knife that his opponent had thrown and examined it – a thin, surgical blade. Funny choice for a weapon. Engrossed with the strange environment and the odd weapon, Xing noticed too late a shadow creeping towards him and found himself pinned under a guard's large bony claw. His shoulder was being crushed – he futilely slashed at the guard with the tiny knife, but it was soon smacked from his grip. Through a haze of pain, Xing frantically reemitted the water he had just absorbed in a powerful burst and succeeded in dislodging the guard.


Xing watched in a mix of horror and amazement as his opponent leaped out of the portal towards the guard and killed it quickly and efficiently with a strong stab through its head. The man then stepped over the dead guard and walked towards Xing, who instinctively scrabbled to pick up the small knife from the shining cobblestones. The man noted this with a mocking smirk.


 “I do believe we haven't been introduced. My name is Livy, and here I was hoping we could be good friends,” the man stopped there and took off his hat, gazing sadly at the neat hole through it, “but you have, unfortunately, damaged my favourite trilby, which is quite unforgivable in my book. I don't think I will be accepting any apologies – so I shall instead take my revenge by killing you,” Livy finished, his smile widening into something twisted and ugly behind his wrapped scarf. This, combined with a savage gleam in his eyes hidden by his reflective goggles and the black blood running from the gunshot in his head, gave him a truly demonic appearance, at stark odds with the pristine environment surrounding him.


Shaking from fear and the stabbing in his shoulder, Xing opened his mouth to protest – plead – but a guard interrupted by diving at Livy, screeching in anger over its slain brother. Taking advantage of the distraction, Xing turned and ran away again.


I may be a coward, but at least I know my own limits.


Ducking behind another pillar, Xing examined the damage to his shoulder. A quiet er-hem caused him to look up to see Livy standing several meters in front of him. Damn it, he dispatched the second guard already?


Xing flung the knife at Livy, who easily caught it with a smile and threw it back – but this time there was no wind, and the knife stabbed deep into Xing's already injured shoulder. He fell to the ground, paralyzed by the searing pain, and watched Livy's black boots slowly approach him.


His agonized mind struggled to comprehend what he was seeing – these are the last moments of my life – black boots, with no reflection in the bright cobblestones.

No reflection. No reflection. Why is there no reflection? I have a reflection. I can see my face, warped in the golden floor. The guards' wings have a reflection. The water has a reflection. Why does the man who is about to kill me have none? He did not die, though I shot him in the head. He cannot be human – why did I assume that? Not everyone is human here. Vohpe and Bonnie weren't human. What manner of creature has no reflection?


Straining to turn his head and look up, Xing saw Livy standing over him. “I guess a little meal before I go wouldn’t hurt.” He said as he pulled down his scarf with a triumphant grin on his face. A flash of white teeth...


Vampire? The teeth – they are white, pointed. A vampire. How can such a thing walk in Heaven? They are so far from God – a vampire being here is almost like blasphemy. No, that doesn't matter now. He's here and he will kill me if I don't do something. How do you kill a vampire? Silver bullets – no, that's werewolf – Garlic? Wooden stake? There's nothing resembling those around here! Holy water, crucifix – no – wait. There's water here, here is Heaven – is it holy? I can't remember, was he avoiding the waterfalls? It's my only shot -


Xing attempted to shoot water at Livy but – I used it up on the guard-! On his back now, Xing could do nothing but watch as Livy drew out a deadly-looking serrated saw...




Zi appeared from behind a column of water and ran towards Livy. No, no, stay back!



 photo rd2g3_zps9f4df29d.gif


Xing forced his body to move and crawled away from them, his head spinning. The sounds of screeching,snapping and rushing of water was muddled in his hearing senses. He felt a hand on his uninjured shoulder and flinched away, expecting a knife across his throat to follow, but looked up into his brother's worried face.


“What? Where did he...” Xing gasped.


“I called some guards to him,” Zi replied. “He'll be busy for a while.” Zi grabbed Xing by the arm and hoisted him to his feet. “We need to go, now.” Xing's head lolled forwards; not even trying to look back, all his energy consumed by putting one foot in front of the other as he and his brother staggered towards the portal to the next level.


< I can't leave,Zi. I have to finish him or I cannot move on.> Xing muttered, his speech slipping back into Chinese as his head swam with darkness. Zi did not reply. 

...I'm feeling his hand supporting me. But I couldn't touch him, before...


<Zi? You can't take me through. It won't work.> Xing, again receiving no reply, let his gaze drop to the floor that his blood was staining black. He saw himself reflected there... but not his 'brother'. What, vampires can change their appearance, too? What happened to Zi? Careful, now, he doesn't suspect that I've realized yet. My only chance is to get to one of those pillars and shoot the holy water at him.


When 'Zi' and Xing passed within two meters of a column of water, Xing threw himself from away his 'brother' and hit the ground hard, his left hand flying into the torrent. 'Zi' shimmered and flickered between his appearance and Levi's; scarf still down, scowling and stalking towards Xing. Let him get closer, think you're beaten. Levi's hand shot out and wrenched the knife out of Xing's shoulder. With a yell of pain and effort, Xing shot out the water from his chest, hitting Levi square in the face and thoroughly drenching him.


Levi dropped his weapons and screamed, the water hissing as it touched his skin. Xing pulled out his gun and shot him again and again, but the holy water didn't stop Levi's wounds from healing and he did not die, spasming in a pool of water and his own blood. Xing then picked up Levi's saw that fell out from his jacket and began cutting, ignoring Levi's shouts that grew fainter.

 photo rd2g4_zps3985c688.jpg

Xing forced the severed head of his opponent into his chest and looked up to see Zi – really there, now – standing looking sadly at him. <Has my brother always been like that?> he asked. <You are not the person I once knew. My brother would only ever have fought in self-defense!>


<This was self-defense,> Xing retorted, hacking off Levi's arm and throwing it away as far as he could. <He would have killed me.>


<My brother would never have done something so horrible. Look at yourself!> Xing looked around in silence, at the dismembered limbs strewn around him, still twitching, and slobbered with black blood.


<You are wrong,> Xing snapped. <This is your brother. Your brother, who has always been selfish, keeping you to himself, making sure your attention was on him and him alone. And now, even after you died, he cannot accept that fact and will stop at nothing – nothing, not even murder – to bring you back, just so you can watch over him again. This was not meant to happen – you were not meant to die before I did!> I cannot stand the thought of being alone. If this is the only way to get you back to me, then so be it. Xing roughly grabbed Livy's clothing and began rifling through its pockets, taking a few odd vials and syringes that were inside. He placed them in his chest and winced as his shoulder violently protested with a hot burning sensation.


<There is nothing for you to do but move forward,> Zi eventually said. <Give it your all, brother, and if you don't make it, I'll pray for your quick passage through Purgatory...Go through to the next level, Industria.  There should be spirits there who are willing to help you. Be careful. The Laws will be after you, after what you've done here.>


Picking up the last of Livy's weapons, Xing walked towards the bright light, unable to look at his brother's spirit.


Even the most impure beings can now walk in Heaven. What a frightening thought to know that Heaven is no longer a safe haven, and even  photo god_zpsmrr0tpsu.gif cannot protect these pure souls from the corruption of sin. The guards can be easily killed by mere mortals, what makes my brother think that The Laws can prevent anymore of this  photo destruction_zpse30xiu3k.gif?  I am afraid, and I fear for more than just my own soul. After all, where will I go after my death? Will heaven be forever tainted by my own  photo Screenshot2014-10-19at64518PM_zps2e659eb4.png desires? Will I come back here in the end, my body empty of mortal sin, and see the vile stains that I have left behind?

Xing opened his eyes, the light fading to reveal stalactites – no, houses – hanging from the ceiling of Industria. Studded between them were beautiful crystals, but he was unable to take in their beauty.



Even in Heaven, I still tremble with dread. Of what is to come, of what I left behind. I wonder if I am falling deeper into an illusion and photo what-if_zpse6a38dfb.png

 photo azrael_zpsfyaowryg.gif

Falling into delusion - Round 2 AA
I... well I don't know what to say but I'm glad I finished it thats all. I hope I did Livy's character right, I read the app a couple of times but I think I got the gist of him.

Livy belongs to :iconcrazyshiro:crazyshiro
Azrael belongs to :iconazraelsmith:AzraelSmith
Xing and Zi belongs to me
What is the SMALLEST prize for the first winner of a raffle?
2 deviants said 100
2 deviants said Premium Membership
1 deviant said 50
1 deviant said 30
1 deviant said 10
No deviants said 40
No deviants said 20
No deviants said Others (comment below)
No deviants said (In case any of you guys were wondering this is for the RP group raffle Anachrons)
No deviants said (sorry, not enough for you guys but maybe in the near future)
DV the Dealer NPC by SEVMD
DV the Dealer NPC
Raffle NPC of :iconanachrons:

★RP method★
Chat and Notes (just send to me with the title RP: DV and ____)
DV (real name not available at the moment)
6'1ft , 186cm
 168 pounds , 76kg
★Where he comes from
Born and raised in the metropolitan city of Chron however he never really specify much,still lives in the city and can usually be found in alleys or walking about with a phone in his hand
He is casual and often doesn't mind talking and having a chat about anything unless he has places to go. He keeps his business out of conversations all the time. Sometimes he would hint about making deals with each other. He claims he has extremely poor eyesight.Sometimes he wears a white business shirt behind the vest (not shown here).Photographic memory and seems to work in a systematic and repetitive way.
Involved in all underground illegal actions. Little info is available about him at the moment.

♦Good deals/offers
♦People who are appreciative of things

♦People who go back on their word/promise♦

DV has a key on his neck hidden by the scarf. No one knows what it is used for.
Left ring piercing on his lips.
3 rows of gold chain at the back of his jacket
The purple part of the pants are only at the back and are more concentrated at the join areas(not inclusive of the butt).
Fur has too much static
He is wearing eye contacts
There is a pink streak in his hair, its not the internal of his hair that is pink.
He smells like raspberry or strawberry ice cream


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